Z-Wave is the leading smart home technology found in millions of products around the world. It is a wireless technology that will not interfere with your Wi-Fi signal and operates on low power. When Z-Wave technology is utilised inside everyday products such as locks and lights, these products become “smart” – giving them the ability to talk to each other and enabling you to control the devices and thus your home, from anywhere. Z-Wave operates at 868.40 MHz in Europe.

  • Z-Wave is EASY to install and does not require any rewiring.
  • Z-Wave is AFFORDABLE. You can get started with a minimal investment and easily add more smart products.
  • Z-Wave is RELIABLE. With nearly 20 years on the market, Z-Wavehas proven to be the top smart home solution on the market.
  • Z-Wave is SECUREZ-Wave technology uses strong encryption and security features, making it the safe choice for your smart home.
  • Z-Wave is TRUSTED. The biggest brand names on the market use Z-Wave in their smart home products.
  • Z-Wave is EXPERIENCED. There are already 100 million Z-Waveproducts in smart homes worldwide.
  • Z-Wave is THE SMART HOME LEADER. 9 out of 10 leading home security companies use Z-Wave.
  • Z-Wave PROVIDES CHOICES. With over 3000 certified smart home automation products on the market, Z-Wave products provide many choices to suit your needs – styles, price points, colors, functionality, etc.

To start, Z-Wave provides peace of mind so you know your home is secure, no matter where you are. A Z-Wave smart home can save you money with energy savings – no more lights being left on or AC running on high when you’re not home. Z-Wave is synonymous with convenience. With the touch of one button you can shut down your house when you leave – lock the doors, turn off lights and close garage door. Z-Wave means security – knowing you’ll receive an alert if there is any trouble at home – water leak, fire alarm, potential break-in, or more.

Z-Wave is a wireless radio frequency technology that lets smart devices talk to and connect with one another. Household products, like lights, door locks and thermostats are made “smart” when Z-Wave connectivity is added inside the product’s design, giving them the capability to communicate and perform the desired functions that you want.

Z-Wave operates wirelessly and securely. The devices can be easily accessed and controlled remotely on your smartphone, tablet or computer so you can control your smart home from anywhere in the world! The Z-Wave hub receives a command from you via your smartphone, tablet, or computer and routes the command to the destination device.

For example, you want to close your garage door. You select that option on the app via your smartphone. No matter where you are in the world and as long as you have internet access, the hub will receive that command and send the command from device to device until it reaches the garage door controller. The smart garage door controller will then close. Once it has closed, it will send a notification back through the devices, to the smart hub, providing you with a notification on your smartphone that the garage door was in fact closed. Z-Wave devices have 2-way communication built in. All of this happens wirelessly without any interruption in your home and no interruption from your Wi-Fi network.

Yes, technologies like Z-Wave work wirelessly, so while you may need to tap into the existing wiring in your home to replace your existing lights and thermostat with smart equivalents, you won’t need to add any additional wiring.

Z-Wave is a very efficient, low-energy technology. While your smart home hub will need to be plugged in to keep the network up and running, many Z-Wave deices work on battery power alone, often for a year or more before needing new batteries. Other devices can plug into the wall, and there are even Z-Wave controllable AC outlets, which let you make your entire home’s electrical system “smart” and energy-efficient by controlling and optionally monitoring energy usage.

ith a range of affordable options, Z-Wave can help you create a smart home on any budget.

The cost really depends on how many products you choose to start with and whether you install them on your own. Many people start small with a few products and then add more as they become more familiar with their smart home and want more functionality. For example, starting with a smart hub and a few smart devices like a smart lock and smart lighting solutions can cost a few hundred dollars. Browse products It’s easy to add Z-Wave devices to your network at your own pace either by extending into other rooms or by adding new solutions-based functionality.

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