Fibaro Universal Dimmer 2 250W


  • Works with LED Lamps
  • Power metering
  • Acts as a Z-Wave range extender. Compatible with any Z-Wave or Z-Wave+ Controller.
  • Dimmable LED lamps. Power Consumption is lesser than 0.8W
  • Use with any dimmable light source up to 250W

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Fibaro Dimmer 2

The Next Step To True Intelligence

Fibaro Z-Wave Dimmer insert module retrofits into an existing light switch enabling you to wirelessly control lights. The new Dimmer 2 is a true universal dimmer – automatically selects the most suitable dimming type (trailing-edge or leading-edge) based on the bulb type used. It measures the power being used and reports that to the Z-Wave system and it is fully Z-Wave Plus certified – offering increased range, extended battery life and Over The Air upgrading (OTA).

Intelligent Light Recognition

Using the unique, specially designed algorithm, Dimmer 2 recognizes the type of a connected light source and calibrates itself to set proper values. Now you can be sure that lights in your home are controlled in the optimal way.

Compatible With Both 2 and 3 Wire Systems

The Dimmer 2 is designed in such a way that it can be used in both 2 and 3 wire electrical systems. It may be used as a switch with non-dimmable light sources (in 3-wire connection) so you can use it in older electrical systems as well.

Also, the Dimmer 2 incorporates a number of security features protecting the device from overheating, overload and voltage drop. Should any of these happen, you will be notified immediately.

Power Metering

The new Dimmer 2 features power metering functionality. You can view the energy consumption of your home in clear charts and graphs, and use it to reduce your monthly bills.

More Convenient Connectors

The Dimmer 2 is equipped with large connecting terminals which simplify the installation process. You can connect it to wires of a larger diameter and make the installation faster.

Scene Management

Dimmer 2 offers an extremely intuitive scene management. The device will turn one of the light switch buttons into a scene trigger. Activating a selected scene becomes as simple as turning the light on. Just press the button while entering the room!

User-Friendly Configuration Menu

The built-in RGB diode is a perfect source of information during the installation process. It will show you when the Dimmer 2 has been included to or excluded from the network. You will see whether the calibration or software update have successfully completed. You can also check the Z-Wave network range.

Fibaro Dimmer 2 (FGD212) Main Features:

  • Works with incandescent bulbs, 230V halogen, 12V halogen and dimmable LEDs
  • Detects the bulb type and adapts the dimming behaviour:
    • Trailing-edge dimming – incandescent and halogen bulbs (resistive)
    • Trailing-edge dimming – LEDs and other resistive-capacitive bulbs
    • Leading-edge dimming – transformers and other resistive-inductive loads
  • On/Off mode – supports non-dimmable loads (3-wire installation)
  • Monitors and reports power – instantaneous (W) and accumulated power (KWh)
  • Auto-off Timer – turns lights off after programmed time period
  • Maximum load 250W (resistive), 225VA (resistive-inductive) and 200VA (resistive-capacitive)
  • Supports 2-wire (no neutral) and 3-wire installations
  • Second switch input for controlling additional associated devices or 2-way installations
  • Various switch types – momentary (default), toggle, 1-way and 2-way
  • May require Fibaro Dimmer Bypass 2 for loads less than 50W.


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